Fitness, Food and Success Coach, Blogger and Writer

Carolyne McDougall has been in the health and fitness industry for 18 years and is the owner of  fitness company Fit Strong Females with a Studio in Glasgow City Centre and coaches fitness and nutrition online.

Her latest book '52 Inspirations' was inspired from her blog that she has been writing since 2013 and she has plans to publish a book on mental health and menopause early this year.

At the age of 47 she has also set herself a goal of getting in shape for a magazine shoot to show that women can still look good after 40. Her training regime and diet will be published but will follow her simple and effective approach to doing something every day and still include chocolate!

When she's not training clients or writing books, she is also a public speaker and provides corporate programs on employee health, running workshops and presenting at events.

It's no surprise that her specialist area is women over 40 but trains younger women too, especially with pre & post natal exercise.

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52 Inspirations is the latest book from Personal Trainer Carolyne McDougall at Fit Strong Females. Featuring the best blog posts from the past 6 years, it's currently selling on Amazon but you can download a FREE PDF copy right here

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Written for females with subjects such as weight loss, body image, exercise, nutrition, some are funny and most are straight talking. Download your copy and you will be sent a link and some more offers from the Studio and our Online female only personal training.

Carolyne, the author has more than 16 years in the business and is the owner of both the Studio and Online training.