Fitness, Food and Success Coach

Most of Carolyne's exercise coaching takes place at her Studio Fit Strong Females but with 18 years experience and a library bursting with exercises and workouts, she has easily adapted them to the online community.

The starter pack being 'The 90 Day Challenge' and all videos are filmed by her or her clients in the Studio.

Real people, no fitness models or big buff guys, all women over 40 who had to start at the beginning.

Qualified to Level 2 in Precision Nutrition, her plans follow their method of habit based coaching, no dieting, starvation or the latest hype. Just basic sense and help to get your portions under control and aiming to get enough of the good stuff in you body, leaving some room for the other stuff.

Her success coaching looks at women over the age of 40, who are experiencing postnatal and menopausal symptoms. Helping them realise they and their bodies are still beautiful, their careers successful and how to make more 'me time' with hectic schedules and families to care for.

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